Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

Don’t mistake values as politics.
ESG is not about injecting politics or personal opinions into your business.

ESG is about aligning the methods and means to revenue performance, EBITDA, profitability, and valuation to the drivers of the license to operate in the new paradigm of stakeholder capitalism.

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Public entities, often larger and multinational, have greater impositions of accountability, scrutiny, and regulation to manage with the added complexity of bureaucratic structures. Allocations for ESG innovations can often conflict with the resources needed to support transparency, disclosure, and compliance that comes with operating in a shareholder-based market.

Private companies, on the other hand, are freer to prioritize a customized ESG approach that serves their specific context. ESG then becomes proactive: A driver of strategic advantage with a transformational impact on market value and enterprise valuation.

Gnarus has partnered with Strategic Impact Partners (“SIP”) to provide our clients with access to a comprehensive suite of ESG-related services. Jointly we are able to offer expertise on the full spectrum of ESG opportunities.  Gnarus brings deep mastery of environmental policy & regulations, along with insurance, litigation, risk management, and engineering experience.  The   SIP team has been involved with the Corporate Integrity movement for 25 years.  They offer a multi-disciplinary team of former C-suite executive, current Board directors, operations management consultants, educators & trainers, as well as respected subject matter experts – all of whom have significant experience in key ESG areas.  Our integrated team is ready to help you move from having an impact to becoming transformational for customers and clients, their markets, investors / shareholders, and all stakeholders.

ESG Boot Camp
An interactive, immersive series of modules to help executives and Boards get clear, gain confidence, invest proportionately, and act impactfully on the ESG opportunities that are right for them. The Boot Camp is facilitated by SIP and Gnarus team leaders with guest contributors. Each version of the program is unique and custom designed for the specific needs of the client. Regardless of customization, every experience includes a comprehensive analysis, roadmap, and other toolbox items as well as the opportunity for follow-up ESG leadership coaching. Learn more about our ESG Boot Camp.

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Areas of Focus

Sustainability Model Development

Develop, evaluate, measure, and implement your sustainability program with a cross-disciplinary perspective, including a focus on product and process sustainability (PPS).

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Sustainability Reporting

Our world view is derived from years acquiring an understanding of the dynamic ESG landscape. It enables a quick learning of the unique stakeholder expectations of each client need, which in turn provides the client organization with an authentic ESG narrative and disclosure strategy. From this precision approach, programs are tailored to exceed stakeholder expectations when possible, and align with ESG-related reporting frameworks as assurance in a risk reduction-business continuity strategy.

Materiality Assessments

Approach probabilistic modeling in the context of real-world business and litigation issues. Apply sophisticated quantitative modeling techniques to help identify ESG factors that may have material impact on your business.

Conscious Governance

Recast the notion of fiduciary review and oversight. Realign Board structure to suit your organization’s competitive context.

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Conscious Leadership & Management

Align you leadership intent with consistent public and interpersonal behavior. Deploy an integrity-centric management framework that breaks down barriers and inspires trust. Embed inclusion, candor, and mutual accountability to unleash new opportunities.

Human Capital

Eliminate liabilities in DEI&B ‘window dressing’ by correlating hires and Board appointments to the development of programs that address the very issues that prompted the need to recruit. Enable an integrity-based culture to become a Preferred Employer Brand. Empower your people to lead consequential change that accelerates organization growth, brand equity, and stakeholder confidence.

Supply Chain

Take ownership as a partner with your customers. Empower frontline procurement as facilitators of innovative collaborations. Develop an ESG-centric supplier relationship management program to achieve Preferred Supplier status.

Value Development & Acceleration

Reconstitute and capitalize on your hidden or underutilized resources. Use your ESG commitment to boost your innovation function and improve your attraction to more aligned resources for growth, influence, and differentiated leadership that produces your desired outcomes.

Digital Transformation

Restructure your tech model as a cross-functional, inter-jurisdictional radar system that requires collaboration, dismantling of silos, and disempowering of power fiefdoms to access and report on vital information.

Brand / Customer & Stakeholder Experience

Close the walk-talk gap to reduce risk and liability exposure while enhancing systemic integrity as a competitor neutralization opportunity. Move your brand strategy away from identity depictions to an accountable and responsive behavioral framework that is structurally interdependent with internal and external in-market operations and customer experience. Systematize a rigorous lifecycle of meaningful touchpoints for every hard and soft interaction with your brand and organization, regardless of the context or agenda.

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