Environmental Science & Engineering

Gnarus has experts in environmental engineering and science who provide clarity to clients in the most difficult technical areas of environmental issues. Gnarus can make the difference between an environmental problem and a solution.

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Areas of Focus

Contaminant Source and Timing

A critical aspect of many environmental matters is the time and location contamination first occurred. Gnarus has unique experience in researching a site’s history and contamination distribution to identify when pollution incidents occurred. This work includes providing expert testimony on contaminant source and timing.

Data Analysis & Management

Data are critical in environmental decisions. Gnarus’ experts and consultants design data collection and interpret and manage data collected by others. When others think, “when in doubt, collect more data,” we think harder about the data we have.

Environmental Liability Allocation

Gnarus routinely provides opinions on allocating liability among various responsible parties at multi-party cleanup sites. This work includes allocating financial responsibility at some of the largest Superfund sites in the U.S.

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Green & Sustainable Remediation

Gnarus’ experts include the president of the Sustainable Remediation Forum and the ASTM Task Group Lead for the Greener Cleanup Standard Guide, which provide Gnarus unique insight into the emerging field of green and sustainable remediation.

Liability Estimation

Gnarus combines economic analysis with scientific and technical expertise to provide clients with multidimensional support on environmental, tort, product liability, business interruption, property value diminution and other issues.

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Remediation Strategies

Gnarus’ remediation experts include former EPA upper management level staff and the editor-in-chief of the Remediation Journal. These seasoned professionals, supported by our consultants, develop innovative remediation strategies that are economical, effective and compliant with regulatory requirements. Furthermore, Gnarus routinely provides expert opinions on the reasonableness of remediation expenses.

Transaction Expertise

Gnarus’ experts have evaluated the environmental aspects of corporate transactions for nearly 30 years and provide unique insight in identifying environmental liabilities and also structuring the environmental aspects of transactions. This work includes providing expert testimony on environmental due diligence.

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