Environmental Litigation & Disputes

Gnarus experts and consultants have vast experience as testifying experts and as consulting experts in environmental and natural resources litigation and disputes. We have decades of experience in navigating complex litigation and can provide key insights with compelling, objective expert testimony in matters including environmental contamination, regulation, insurance coverage and response cost allocation.

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Areas of Focus

Environmental Disputes Mediation

Alternate Dispute Resolution is often required as part of the litigation procedures.

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Environmental Enforcement

Gnarus experts advise counsel on complex regulatory issues associated with alleged violations of all major U.S. environmental laws and state law counterparts.

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Environmental Response Cost Allocation

Our experience includes landfills, mining sites, manufacturing plants, waste reclamation and recycling facilities, rivers, urban waterways and areas with regional groundwater contamination.

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Liability Estimation

Gnarus combines economic analysis with scientific and technical expertise to provide clients with multidimensional support on environmental, tort, product liability, business interruption, property value diminution and other issues.

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NCP Cost & Consistency Analysis

Entities pursuing or defending cost recovery claims under CERCLA must evaluate whether cost expenditures and remedial actions were performed consistent with the National Contingency Plan (NCP). Our experts have provided cost recovery analysis and testimony for nearly 20 years.

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Natural Resource Damages

Our experts have extensive experience evaluating natural resource damages (NRD) claims.

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Property Value Diminution

Gnarus experts provide consulting and expert testimony in an array of matters involving real estate economics in litigation matters.

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Standard of Care

Gnarus experts include environmental professionals who have been actively involved in the field since the inception of the Environmental Protection Agency.

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