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Sustainability Models

Assessment Model and Sustainability Profile for an international food-additive company …

Modeled an objective and quantifiable assessment of the sustainability profile of ingredients procured by the company. The model incorporates all aspects of ESG, including environmental factors such as energy and climate change, water usage, and biodiversity as well as social impact factors – child and forced labor, community displacement, and governmental corruption. The model also considered third-party certifications and supplier audits to improve sustainability and is now being used to improve the overall profile of the ingredients the company procures.


Company-Wide, Multiple Facility Risk Profile for a multinational healthcare products company …

Developed a facility Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability model to identify and quantify the relative risk presented by each facility the company operates worldwide. Factors considered include water stress, proximity to sensitive locations, waste and wastewater, water usage, air emissions, hazardous materials storage, and worker safety issues. The model provides a quantitative rating for each facility, tracks improvements in facility risk profiles, and guides resource allocations to reduce risk and improve performance.

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